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Retreat Portable Loose Leaf Tea Canister

Retreat Portable Loose Leaf Tea Canister

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Retreat anytime, anywhere with this portable loose-leaf tea bottle by haze. Crafted from double-walled glass and bamboo, this is the perfect wellness accessory which will encourage you to stop, take a moment and let go – whether that’s at the end of your yoga class in Savasannah, or during a busy day in the office. Choose blends such as lavender, lemon-balm and chamomile for a calming stress response. See our list of calming and healing teas here.

Sensory Design
Warm loose-leaf tea helps to improve vagal tone by flowing through the oesophagus adjacent to the vagus nerve, activating a parasympathetic (calming) response in the body. This intelligent bottle design allows you to take your loose-leaf tea with you anywhere to keep your mind and body in a calm, relaxed state no matter how busy your day gets.

- Bamboo lid
- Double-walled glass insulates your tea while protecting hands from the heat
- Removeable mini tea strainer with screw top lid
- Leak-proof and airtight when fully closed

- 22cm x 7cm
- 375ml (one large cup of tea)

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H: 20cm x W: 10cm. Holds 450ml/16 FLoz.

Care Information

Wash with warm soapy water. Do not place Bamboo lid in dishwasher as it may warp.

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Standard shipping 2-4 business days - £3.50
Next Day Delivery available - £5.50

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